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12 March 13

12th March 2013 The University of Manchester, UK

Intersex conditions (sometimes called DSDs) are conditions causing a physical variation from male or female. About 1 in 2500 people has an intersex condition, yet intersex remains an area shrouded in secrecy. Intersex has attracted increasing attention in the humanities and social sciences in recent years, not least because of the controversies surrounding treatment protocols, and the terminology used for these conditions by intersex people and their families, the medical profession, activists and society at large.

However, intersex remains understudied within theology, religion and biblical studies. Little existing work focuses on the importance of spirituality and faith for intersex people and their families, or the implications of intersex for Christian theology, biblical interpretation, church policy, and pastoral care. Theological implications for social understandings of intersex also remain under-examined.

This one-day conference, part of the Intersex, Identity and Disability: Issues for Public Policy, Healthcare and the Church project at the Lincoln Theological Institute, University of Manchester, brings together scholars and activists from Britain, the USA, Australia and South Africa. We ask what difference intersex might make to the way theology and biblical studies (especially in the areas of sex, gender and human sexuality) are done, and what difference insights from theology and biblical studies might make to social and cultural understandings of intersex.


Nathan Carlin (University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas): Middlesex: A Pastoral Theological Reading.”

Megan K. DeFranza (Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts): “Addressing Intersex in Conservative Christian Contexts: The Use and Limitation of Eunuchs.”

Sally Gross (Director, Intersex South Africa): “Not in God's Image: Intersex, Social Death and Infanticide.”

Patricia Beattie Jung (Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri): “Intersex on Earth as It Is in Heaven?”

Stephen Craig Kerry (Charles Darwin University, Australia) - via Skype: “Revisiting ‘Intersex Individuals’ Religiosity and their Journey to Wellbeing’.”

Joseph A. Marchal (Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana): “What Can Lavender Do When the Baby’s Not (Exactly) Pink or Blue?: Contributions from Feminist and Queer Biblical Studies for Intersex Advocacy.”


John Hare MA MD FRCOG (Quondam Fellow, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge)


Susannah Cornwall (Lincoln Theological Institute, University of Manchester)

For more information, including abstracts and speakers' biographies, and details of how to book, see http://lincolntheologicalinstitute.com/iid-conference/

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