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Negotiating Religion: Inquiries into the History and Present of Religious Accommodation

23 November 11

In these four workshops, we will present and debate the complex processes through which religious communities create or defend their place in a given commonwealth, both in history and in our world today.

Our discussion focuses on the communities' ability to formulate and present their claims, to identify potential spokespeople and their addressees, to secure their institutions and assert their physical and political presence. A major emphasis will fall on the epistemological, political and social conditions facilitating or complicating processes of negotiation.

23 Nov 2011

Negotiating Religion: European Legacies, European Challenges.

The launch event will address the history of religious conflict and religious accommodation and gauge the impact of religious scepticism and secularization in Europe. In a concluding roundtable, it will also engage a group of outstanding experts and the public in a discussion on a more proactive investigation of the relationship between religion and society at UCL.

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10 Feb 2012

Accommodating Religious Communities in Contemporary Europe: Constitutional and Philosophical Dimensions.

This workshop investigates the tremendous impact of religious tradition and thought on contemporary constitutions and constitutional aspects in accommodating religious diversity.

7 March 2012

Negotiating Religion in Urban Space

The third event will explore the role of spatial integration of religious communities, documenting their intention to negotiate their insertion by spatial practices, such as processions, architecture, celebrations, festivals.

12 June 2012

Legal Frameworks: Schools and Religious Freedom
Because litigation is a privileged arena in attempting to limit or assert the status of religious communities, the fourth and final workshop will explore the impact of legal arguments in shaping the relationship between religious communities and society.

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