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Science, Religion and Atheism

30 March 12

Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, Friday 30th March – Sunday 1st April 2012

Is the discussion between science and religion affected by its narrator, be they theist, atheist or agnostic? This course is not to debate the existence of God but to explore answers to this question presented by speakers themselves coming from these different perspectives.

Speakers and Topics include:

A Plague on Both Your Houses: Prof. Michael Ruse

Does the Evolutionary Narrative Support Theism or Atheism? Prof. Simon Conway Morris FRS and Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker

Is the Universe Designed? Revd Dr Rodney Holder and Dr Stephen Law

Perspectives on the Philosophy of Science and Religion Prof. Keith Ward and Dr Mark Vernon

Does the History of Science and Religion depend on the Narrator? Dr Allan Chapman and Prof. Ronald Numbers

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