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The City and the Common Good: What kind of City do we want?

11 April 13

Following the widely discussed 2011 report ‘Value and Values: Perceptions of Ethics in the City Today’ which surveyed over 500 financial sector professionals, the three debates in April, May and June will explore the theme under the headings: Good People, Good Money and Good Banks.

Organised by St Paul’s Institute with CCLA, the debates will be chaired by BBC Economics Editor, Stephanie Flanders.

Good People – Thursday 11 April – 6.30pm
Archbishop Vincent Nichols (keynote)
with Tracey McDermott; Peter Selby; Polly Toynbee
In our relations with friends and family we reckon to know what goodness is and how it informs our lives. In the context of the 21st century market place, what does it mean to be a good person and contribute to the common good?

Good Money – Tuesday 7 May – 6.30pm
Robert Skidelsky (keynote)
with Andrew Bailey; Tarek El Diwany; Ann Pettifor

If the influence of money over us is unavoidable, how can we ensure that the results are positive? Does the issue go beyond our attitude to money to the nature of money itself? Is there such a thing as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ money? Is it just the ‘love of money’ we must guard against, or has something happened to money itself?

Good Banks – Wednesday 12 June – 6.00pm
Archbishop Justin Welby (keynote) with Antony Jenkins; Shirley Williams
The relationship between banks and society has been described in the aftermath of the financial crisis as a ‘social contract’, but what is the objective of the contract? What is the purpose of banking and how do we foster a culture that helps that purpose be realised?

Entry to all three events is free and open to all. To register for tickets click here.

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