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Faith & Fashion

05 March 13

A new language for women’s interfaith dialogue Join us for the first of a series of events focusing on Faith and Fashion at London College of Fashion Is fashion changing faith or is faith changing fashion? When so many young women from religious communities are passionate about fashion why are so few of them training in fashion and art and design?


RSVP Essential: rhs@fashion.arts.ac.uk

Our expert panel explores why and how fashion has become central to the expression of personal faith, spirituality, and ethics for women from many different faiths and for women who see themselves as secular. Served by a growing modest fashion sector and an international modest fashion blogosphere, women from different faith communities are crossing boundaries and talking to each other about what they wear and why they wear it. This shared dialogue crosses commerce and commentary with women taking a lead in the creation of new relationships between faiths and between religious and secular societies. Progressive organisations that work with women and girls have been quick to respond to this interest in the spiritual and moral dimensions of clothing in relation to faith and ethnicity with innovative projects on fashion and design. Turning this enthusiasm into career opportunities is the job of fashion education, working with students, schools, and communities to demonstrate that design initiative can go hand in hand with personal and spiritual integrity.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, LCF’s Professor Reina Lewis will be joined by:

Debbie Danon, of the Three Faiths Forum. 3FF builds understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs. The organisation runs education, engagement and action programmes that bring diverse communities together in the UK and internationally to create new models for intercultural cooperation, particularly in the EU, USA and Middle East. 3FF works with teachers, students and young professionals, faith organisations, artists and galleries, political leaders in Parliament and upcoming leaders still at university.

Janet Adler, of Women’s Interfaith Network. Formed in 2003 in the wake of the attacks of September 11th 2001, which highlighted as never before the hostility that can exist between people of different faiths and cultures, WIN’s mission is to work with women from diverse faiths and cultures to enable them to play an active role in breaking down prejudices and barriers.

Barjis Chohan, designer and entrepreneur. Trained at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin’s, Barjis Chohan gained experience working for Vivienne Westwood and in French couture before building a career in textiles and interior design in Britain and the Middle East. Her fashion collection, Barjis, launched at Dubai Fashion Week in 2011, offers ready to wear modest clothes for modern professional women and has gained Muslim and non-Muslim customers in Britain, the Gulf and internationally who appreciate her vision of everyday understated luxury.


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