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[Image] The first workshop will be held at the Derby Multi-Faith Centre

Religion and belief, discrimination and equality: A decade of change? Workshops

19 September 12

Free to attend, September - November 2012 in Derby, Oxford, Manchester, Cardiff, London

In a project funded by Religion and Society (http://www.derby.ac.uk/religion-and-society), during the last three years we have been researching how people’s views and reported experiences of unfair treatment on the basis of religion or belief may have changed over the last decade in England and Wales. It is hoped that our findings will ultimately influence policies, practices and laws.

We would now like to engage with an even wider range of practitioners from religion or belief, voluntary and community, public, private and legal sectors. You are therefore being invited to a workshop which will share our research findings and provide you with an opportunity to contribute to them in the light of the experience of your organisation or group.

Our workshops (10am-5pm) are free to join but are by invitation and application only. They are being held across the country to give you the best chance to participate in this ground-breaking research.

  • Wednesday 19 September Derby
  • Friday 5 October Oxford
  • Thursday 11 October Manchester
  • Thursday 25 October Cardiff
  • Wednesday 7 November London


Visit our http://www.derby.ac.uk/knowledge-exchange-workshops or call Lesley Sawley on 01332 591730 to apply for your place.

Places are limited so please apply by 15 August 2012.

Please pass this on to others known to you in the religion or belief, voluntary and community, public, private and legal sectors who may wish to apply to join us.

Project leader Professor Paul Weller contributed to the Programme book Religion and Change in Modern Britain (Routledge, 2012). Listen to him discussing his co-authored chapter 'Controversies as a Lens on Change' here. You can also hear project researcher Dr Sariya Contractor discussing the research here.

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