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Invitation to Faith & Fashion Event

25 June 13

With global brands finally waking up to the power of the Islamic clothing market, valued at close to $100 billion, fashion is about to join food and finance as the third ‘F’ in Islamic branding.

As part of a new series of events at London College of Fashion on the theme of Faith and Fashion, and contributing to Shubbak: A window on contemporary Arab culture, Professor Reina Lewis talks to Emirati designer Rabia Zargarpur in a timely evaluation of the importance of fashion in cultural as well as commercial exchanges.

Founded in the aftermath of 9/11 to provide ‘conservative chic’ for the growing numbers of young Muslim women turning to the hijab, Rabia Z was launched in 2007, a trailblazer in the growing market for modest fashion. Putting Arab Arab fashion in the frame of British Muslim style will be renowned hijab fashion blogger Jana Kossaibati of hijabstyle.co.uk. Now a senior player on the blogosphere, Jana has been advising women in Britain and around the world about new trends in Muslim and modest fashion since 2007. Film maker Soniya Kirpalani will provide the inside scoop on the Gulf fashion industry. Sharing evidence from her film DoBuy-The Fabric of Faith, Soniya will explore the opportunities and challenges for Gulf designers in local and international markets within the wider frame of Arab dress politics.

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