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[Image] Dr Shterin who is speaking on 7 March & has just written a new essay

Radicalisation Papers now Online

21 February 12

Marat Shterin, Matthew Francis and Mark Sedgwick's papers are now available for the Westminster Faith Debate 'What have we learned about radicalisation?' on 7th March at 61 Whitehall in London. Mehdi Hasan and Ed Husain will be responding to their presentations.

Download the papers and see event details here (a few places to attend are still available): http://www.religionandsociety.org.uk/faith_debates/radicalisation

Marat Shterin has also just written a new essay on 'Religion, Extremism and Radlicalisation in post-comunist Russia' for the Religion and Society-funded website radicalisationresearch.org, which Matthew Francis edits. Read it here: http://www.radicalisationresearch.org/debates/shterin_2012_religion/

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