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What have we learned?


The 1995 Aum Shinrikyo attacks & radicalisation

01 March 12

Read a new essay by academic Ian Reader entitled 'In the aftermath of Aum Shinrikyo: lessons learned from the Japanese response' just posted on radicalisationresearch.org here: http://www.radicalisationresearch.org/debates/reader-2012-aftermath/

Professor Reader is based at Manchester University and a member of Religion and Society's Steering Committee.

Radicalisationresearch.org is funded by Religion and Society and edited by Matthew Francis. Matthew is speaking at the Westminter Faith Debate asking 'What have we learned aboub radicalisation?' next Wednesday (7th March), for which a few places are still available: http://www.religionandsociety.org.uk/faith_debates/radicalisation

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