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19 September 2012, Toynbee Hall, East London


The Politics of Religious Diversity

15 October 12

The Religion and Society-funded Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance project and the ACCEPT Pluralism project presented findings for response by Kris Hopkins MP, Sunder Katwala and Fiyaz Mughal and debate with an audience from universities, local government, think tanks, religious institutions, and civil society organisations.

Listen to the event and access project presentations here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/ethnicity/projects/diversityevent.html

Principal Investigator on the Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance project Therese O'Toole spoke at the Westminster Faith Debate on 'Religious identity in 'Superdiverse' societies'. Read more about and watch and listen to the debate hereand listen to the project being presented at our Religion and Society Programme findings conference in Cambridge, September 2012, here.

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