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Here we provide details of all the commissioned projects. You can see the full list of funded research in the ‘Overview’.

We have organised the presentation of projects by phase and type of award (see below for a description of these types). Read about particular projects under 'Large Research Projects', 'Small Research Projects', 'Networks and Workshops' and ' Collaborative Studentships'.

As commissioning ran between 2007 and 2009 and awards are of varying lengths, projects conclude at different times. Some have finished already and some projects will not end until 2013. Check a project's status to see if it is still 'Open' or 'Completed'. You can click on highlighted project titles to read summaries of the research. Also, if a project has its own website, you can access it from that project's entry.

Types of Awards

Large research projects

Up to £600,000, 2-3 years in duration. Usually involve several academics and one or more research assistants, and sometimes a PhD student as well.

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Small research projects

Up to £100,000), 1 year in duration. Usually involve one or more academics, and a research assistant.

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Networks and workshops

These grants enable new groupings of scholars to meet together to discuss and develop new ideas. Networks meet over two years, workshops over one year.

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Collaborative PhD studentships

Where an academic and his or her university collaborates with a public, private or voluntary sector body to fund a PhD student.

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