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Collaborative PhD studentships

  • Professor Douglas Davies Status
    Dept of Theology and Religion, Durham University Completed
    British Woodland Burial: its theological, ecological and social values

    Access podcasts from the project here.

  • Professor Simon Robinson Status
    School of Applied Global Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan University Open
    Deriving meaning in transition

    The role of religion for young refugees and asylum seekers

  • Professor John Wolffe Status
    Department of Religious Studies, Open University Open
    From Sunday Schools to Christian Education

    The Christian Formation of contemporary Youth in Historical Perspective.

  • Professor Kim Knott Status
    School of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Leeds Completed
    Keeping the Faith: The transmissions of "Sikhism" among young British Sikhs (18-30)

    The research was conducted by doctoral student Jasjit Singh.

    visit website

  • Professor Ivan Leudar Status
    School of Psychological Sciences, Manchester University Open
    Meaning and Function of 'Continuity Experiences' in 'Continuing-Bond' Bereavements


  • Professor Michael Hebbert Status
    School of Environment and Development, Manchester University Completed
    Methodist Central Halls as Public Sacred Spaces

    Listen to PhD student Angela Connelly discuss this research here.

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  • Professor Gordon Lynch Status
    School of Continuing Education, Birkbeck College Open
    Negotiating the secular and the religious in higher education

    An analysis of the policy implications of contemporary conflicts relating to student faith groups in British universities.

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  • Revd. Canon Andrew Todd Status
    Spiritual Healthcare and Public Policy Completed
    Spiritual Healthcare and Public Policy


  • Professor Elaine Graham Status
    Dept of Religions and Theology, Manchester University Open
    Study and Evaluation of a Process of Biblical Translation and its Impact on Community Identity


  • Professor Norman Doe Status
    Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University Open
    The Dialogue between Society and Religion in the use of Professional Experts in the Roman Catholic church, with particular reference to Marriage Cases


  • Professor Isabel Rivers Status
    School of English and Drama, Queen Mary, London Completed
    The Dissenting Academy and the Control of Education by the State, 1662-1751

    Listen to podcasts related to this project from here.

  • Professor David Stephenson Status
    Institute for Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham Open
    The role of religious faith identities in shaping youth offending behaviours


  • Professor Haleh Afshar Status
    Centre for Women's Studies, University of York Open
    The Women's National Commission and Muslim Women's Network Muslim Women in Europe

    Ascribed and Adopted Identities in Comparative Perspective.

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